The Drama Returns!


Andrew McMullen, Newspaper Staff Reporter

Last February, the Canadian cartoon, “Total Drama,” announced two new seasons. As of now, there is no confirmed release date.

After a year with no updates, they dropped a poster. This poster showed the 14 new contestants and the character, Chef also seems to have a larger role this season.

The contestant names were revealed shortly after the poster. Yet some of the names have fans scratching their heads. Such as Emma, making her the second Emma in the show’s history.

One of the character’s names seems to be hidden. Her name is “Scary Girl.”  People wonder why they didn’t share her name. The fan favorites seem to be Axel, Michelle, and Zee. 

Some of the things confirmed have also left fans theorizing. The amputee promised is unclear. Only one of the LGBTQ+ characters was confirmed.

As of now, we have more questions than answers.  I guess we’ll have to wait and watch!