The Friends Reunion

So no one told us life was going to be so dull without “Friends.” The show first aired on September 22, 1994, and that’s the first time we saw our friends sitting on the iconic couch at the “Central Perk.” We’ve been through tons and tons of roller coasters with our friends, and after 10 years of them on our screens, the show came to an end. All of the cast went their separate ways, took a different path and we haven’t seen them all together since. But after 17 years, we saw our friends reunite as a group!!
The “Friends Reunion” had to be one of the best things I have ever seen. The cast didn’t just come together and talk, but we also got insight on how the cast was casted and some behind the scenes that have never been seen. We learned a lot of secrets that nobody other than the cast and crew knew. We also saw bloopers and some other characters came and visited the cast that day too.
But let’s start with one of the biggest, most shocking news of the night. David Schwimmer (Ross Geller) and Jennifer Aniston (Rachel Green) were practically forced to say after James Cordon said, “There weren’t perhaps any off screen romances?” And as you all probably know, Ross and Rachel fell in love on screen but Jen and David had feelings too. During the reunion David started off by saying, “The first season, I had a major crush on Jen…” and Jen then interrupted by saying it was “Reciprocal.” Although they thought they kept it a secret, the other 4 cast members did sense something was there.
As I said before, it wasn’t only the 6 main cast members who were at the reunion. One of the most shocking appearances for me was Judy and Jack Geller. They were sitting in the audience watching the reunion and they still looked and sounded the same, it’s like they never aged. Oh and how could I forget about Janice’s appearance. The iconic laugh made the reunion 10 times better. Those weren’t the only appearances, there was also Gunther and Richard!! The reunion wouldn’t have been the same without them.
There was so much that happened during the reunion but some of the greatest parts were when the 6 Friends read through the script of some of the most recognizable scenes. For example, the cast read a little bit of the episode where Phoebe finds out about Chandler and Monica. While she read the script, it brought everyone back to seasons 5 when they filmed it. My favorite script that the cast read through was Ross and Rachel’s first kiss. You could see the chemistry that Jen and David still have. It’s crazy how they all still act and sound the same after 17 years.
Watching the cast come back after 17 years brought joy and happiness to people all around the world. The reunion was so special, not only for the viewer but the cast too. It was an awesome way to get the gang back together and to learn about all that happened behind the tv screen. Even though we probably won’t see our friends with any new episodes or reunions, they are always on demand, and the 6 friends will always… Be there for you!