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The Student News Site of Colonia Middle School

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Wilson “The Duke” Atlanta Falcons NFL Football, location unknown, date unknown. View public domain image source here More: View public domain image source here

After the Super Bowl, football fans have experienced a hole in their Sundays. We have no football to watch, but now, we wonder, where will some of the top players play next year?

If you are new to this whole free-agency thing, it is when a player’s contract with their team expires. They will then be listed as a “free-agent,” and then NFL teams will try to get the player to play for their club if interested. They will try to persuade the player with money, incentives, and a multi-year contract. 

The Atlanta Falcons needed a quarterback. The Minnesota Vikings’ quarterback, Kirk Cousins, had an expiring contract. The team signed him to deals only up to one year for the past few years. Kirk Cousins knew that if he had a down-year, his team wouldn’t bring him back. He was very happy with the Vikings though, but we all know that money talks. The Falcons gave him a 4 year contract with a lot of money. Here, he knows that he is set, even if he has a down-year. 

Now that you know the basics of free agency, let’s dive into some of the other notable moves. I will give you a brief summary as well of what this means for both teams.

  1. Saquan Barkley to the Eagles

A lot of New York Giants fans are frustrated with the elite runningback for joining their rival, the Philadelphia Eagles, but you really cannot blame him. This is the contract that he has wanted for so many years. The Giants didn’t make an attempt at bringing him back. They gave the Eagles a perfect opportunity, and they took advantage of it.


Giants: C

Eagles: B+


  1. Kirk Cousins to the Falcons

        Cousins was the quarterback for the Vikings for so many years now, and the 35 year old received a truckload of money from the Falcons. 4 years, 180 million dollars. The Vikings weren’t going to top that. It also lets them get a fresh start at QB.


Vikings: B-

Falcons: A-

  1. Russell Wilson to the Steelers

        Two years ago, the Broncos traded for Wilson for so many assets. After two disappointing seasons, he was released. He signed with the Steelers for a very cheap contract. The crazy part is, when the Broncos signed Wilson, they paid so much money, and they haven’t given it all to him. They will owe him almost 40 million dollars this season. The Steelers get a high upside quarterback with tons of experience, while the Broncos get a fresh start at quarterback.


Steelers: A+

Broncos: D-

  1. Josh Jacobs to the Packers

        The Raiders had hopes of Josh Jacobs being a consistent running back after a stellar season two years ago. Turns out, he wasn’t the same, and the Raiders let him go to free agency. He signed with the Packers. The Raiders need to get a new running back after losing such a premium player.


Raiders: C

Packers: B+


  1. Keenan Allen to the Bears

        Allen had a great year this year, but new head coach Jim Haurbaugh needed to make changes because the Chargers don’t have much money. They traded Keenan Allen for what seems like a half eaten candy bar. Now, superstar quarterback Justin Herbert no longer has many weapons to throw to. The Bears get a great wide receiver to pair with DJ Moore, while the Chargers are now looking for someone to pair with their franchise quarterback.


Bears: A+

Chargers: D-

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Shaan Mahajan
Shaan Mahajan, Newspaper Staff Reporter
Shaan Mahajan is in 7th grade. The 12 year old attends CMS (Colonia Middle School). He gets good grades and likes history. What he likes about the subject is learning about the people who made America the way it is today. Shaan likes American football and is on the swim team. He likes to play video games in his free time and is a huge car fanatic. He wants to be an entrepreneur when he grows up.

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