Halloween vs. Halloween Kills: Which Movie Will Make It?


Nicholas Erwin

“Michael Myers” by Nicholas Erwin is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Luka Kulvicas, Journalism Class Reporter

Halloween kills vs the original Halloween, Which one is better? 

You can now watch Halloween Kills in the theaters and on Peacock and you can watch the original Halloween on Amazon, Roku, Fubo, DIRECTV, and ITunes.             

“As a sequel to the deliciously absurd 2018 resurrection, it’s a ponderous bore, far-too-intermittently broken up by spurts of the franchise’s signature gore,” a writer from the Austin Chronicle stated regarding Halloween Kills.

Halloween Kills wasn’t as strong or compelling compared to the original movie. The dialogue is very heavy-handed and at times unnecessary. Halloween Kills consistently references to Halloween movies of the past.

Some people have stated that Halloween Kills constantly complicated what the slasher Michael Myers was supposed to be. Others believe that the original Halloween is a better horror film.                   

Eight more characters died in Halloween Kills than the previous one. Michael’s kills are far more interesting and creative in the newest Halloween movie.Some may even say the ending kill was bigger and scarier than the old one.

Michael M, the super reviewer of the store Rotten Tomatoes said, “Everything Michael Meyers in this movie kills. Literally and figuratively,” Michael M, the super reviewer of the store Rotten Tomatoes said. “Not only is the body count higher, but Michael as a character feels more genuine to himself than ever before. Some have criticized the film’s kills and brutality. Guys, this is a slasher movie, it comes with the territory.”

There are many different opinions about the two horror films. In my opinion the original Halloween was far more interesting and had a greater thriller than the newest horror film.

Real slasher fans would probably like them both.