Tom Brady Retiring?1?


Photo courtesy of Creative Commons

Derek Mateo, Newspaper Staff Reporter

Tom Brady has announced his retirement at the age of 45.

Tom Brady is considered the greatest NFL quarterback of all time. He has won 7 super bowls and was crowned Super Bowl MVP five times.

He has been to 15 Pro Bowl games, he won MVP in 2007, and at 3 time “All Pro”.

Many people were sad that he was retiring. He was one of two people left in 2010’s era to retire. The last person to play quarterback from the 2010 era is Aaron Rodgers. It is sad to see all the greats go but it was fun while it lasted.

Tom Brady played for both the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tom played his best with the Patriots. He brought the Patriots their first Super Bowl and 5 more Super Bowl championships.

When he played for the Bucs, he only won 1 Super Bowl. This year he made the playoffs with a 9-8 record but he lost in the wildcard round to the Dallas Cowboys.

As Tom retires, he plans to join Fox Sports analysts show.