The Giants’ Chances in the 2023 Playoffs


Photo courtesy of Flickr

Derek Mateo, Newspaper Staff Reporter

I think the Giants have a great chance this weekend in the playoffs. They will face the Philadelphia Eagles Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 8:15pm.

The first game the Giants played against the Eagles this season was a huge blow out.

Then when the Giants and Eagles faced in week 13, the Giants only lost by 6 points. Also Jalen Hurts had a hurt shoulder.

In addition in week 14 when the Eagles and Bears were playing,  Trevis Gipson tackled Hurts and he landed on his right shoulder. It resulted in him being out for the past few games.

Last week, the Giants came off with a win against the Vikings in the wildcard. The Giants won 31-24 and sent the Vikings to go home for the rest of the postseason.  

Hopefully, this momentum will continue and the Giants will continue to advance!