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The Student News Site of Colonia Middle School

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Three Ways You Can Be A Better Student

Three Ways You Can Be A Better Student

We have all had our fair share of bad days in school. Maybe you forgot to do your homework, or maybe you forgot there was a test.

Whether or not  you had either of these problems, you can always find ways to prevent them.

I’m going to walk you through three tips that have helped me avoid these issues the most.

First, getting a sleep schedule is vital in order to be a better student. If you have a sleep schedule, you will get enough sleep so that throughout the day, you won’t be drowsy.

Ok, ok, I was a victim of this problem. I didn’t have a sleep schedule before, and I was constantly sleepy all the time.

Sleeping at the same time each day will make your body like an alarm clock, so yes, you should sleep at the same time even on the weekends. To be honest, that is the hardest part!

Although, getting the required 8 or more hours of sleep is vital if you want to remember things for your next test, or if you want to function better in general.

Next, set up a planner for your assignments. You should go home after school every day and have a planner that reminds you what you need to do.

No, it doesn’t have to be an actual planner, just writing on a post-it note with your homework is fine. In fact, that’s what I did!

Finally, my last tip is to do your homework as soon as you come home. Well, not really as soon as you come home, you can take a break before starting.

Remember though, to time your breaks so that you don’t get too carried away.

If you work on your assignments as soon as possible, you can swing on the momentum and get it done quickly. Also set a timer for fifteen minutes while you work so that you will be pressured to get it done before the timer ends.

Fifteen minutes isn’t the only time you can set, do the time you would like according to your homework.

These were the three tips that will help you be a better student, and I hope I helped!

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About the Contributor
Daanish Qayyum
Daanish Qayyum, Newspaper Staff Reporter
Daanish Qayyum is a 7th Grader at Colonia Middle School who enjoys playing chess, traveling, and trying new things. This twelve year old is enthusiastic about everything and loves to hang out with his friends. For some reason, he loves math class but doesn’t enjoy reading and writing as much. Along with that, he is in Creative Writing G&T and Enrichment G&T while handling his honors classes. As a frequent photographer, he likes documenting each moment and doesn’t trust himself on remembering things.

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