Ode to Ms. Brock


Photo courtesy of Caren Brock

Camilla Moran, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

She’s lovely, she’s elegant, her strength is a rock

I’m talking about the queen of CMS

the one and only…Ms Brock 

She’s the best person in the whole school plus she’s so cool


Everyone admirers her

Staff member to some 

A mother to others

Even my family knows her 

Especially my sister and brother 


Her style is old school hip 

From her coffee cup

She takes a sip

And asks whatsupp 


Who brought her 

To this land?

I know she’s a woman

But BAM she’s the man


She may wear a jacket

If she’s cold

But don’t you ever ask her if she’s old


A sister, a mother 

A role model to all

When CMS needs help…she heeds the call

It’s a major bummer that one day 

She’ll retire