Billionaires in Orbit, A Race to Space


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Alexander Azevedo, Journalism Class Reporter

Jeff Bezos, Richard Barson, and Jared Isaacman set off for space, an experience of a lifetime and a race to space between the 3.  Jeff Bezos won the competition.

“It’s an experience of a lifetime.”  Richard Barson stated during an interview.

Richard Barnson always had the dream of being able to experience space but pushed it away as he realized it was far-fetched, yet he made it to orbit and was able to experience the dream of a lifetime.

Jeff Bezos and Richard Barnson each went to space in their private shuttles with their own company. Jeff Bezos owns The Blue Origin and Richard has Virgin Galactic. Jeff’s flight’s only restriction is a seatbelt and trusts the passengers to keep their belts buckled. Richard is also the same thing, the only restriction is a seatbelt. 

Bezos’ flight was higher in the air but shorter than Barnson’s flight.  Bezos flew up to 351,000 feet and Barnson only up to 69,000 feet.

By far the longest flight was Jared Isaacman’s flight as he rode around orbit for 3 days in a SpaceX shuttle and went 335 miles in the air. It was longer and higher than both Bezos and Barnson.

Jeff Bezos stepped down from CEO of Amazon before the flight. When he was CEO, he had barely any free time so stepping down made enough time for him to go to space. He also wanted to do more with his life as having too many responsibilities ruins the free time he has.

“Being the CEO of Amazon is a deep responsibility, and it’s consuming,” wrote Bezos in a separate letter to Amazon employees, “When you have a responsibility like that, it’s hard to put attention on anything else.” 

Elon Musk also isn’t left out as he is aiming for Mars and having his own company, SpaceX, makes him able to attempt landing there.

3 billionaires have been in space so far and in the future there will probably be more to explore the galaxy as we know it.