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The Student News Site of Colonia Middle School

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Six Flags New Additions for 2024

Six Flags New Additions for 2024
Photo courtesy of Flickr

Six Flags have a lot on their hands, and it’s mostly good, so let’s talk about it!

First of all, the biggest thing happening to the company is that Six Flags and their main competitor, Cedar Fair will be merging. Cedar Fair owns many theme parks, just like Six Flags, examples are Cedar Point, Dorney Park, and Kings Island.

Six Flags has tried to buy and merge with Cedar Fair for a long time. Thankfully the CEO won’t be Selim Bassoul, who in my opinion was terrible as he raised prices, discontinued memberships, and tried to not focus on rides anymore. I feel that with Cedar Fair being in charge, the company is on a better path, as Cedar Fair is the one who always has better quality parks. 

So now, with Cedar Fair out of the way, let’s talk about the Six Flags branded parks. We start at the original Six Flags park, Six Flags Over Texas. The first ever modern-day log flume, El Aserradero, will now be the longest in 2024. Another Texas Six Flags park, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, will be receiving two things. Cyborg Cyber Revolution and Shazam Tower of Eternity (Family drop tower) are both coming to the most themed Six Flags park.

Six Flags Over Georgia, the second ever Six Flags park is receiving “Georgia Surf”, a first-of-a-kind ride, which is a roller coaster that goes up then back down and splashes you into water. Six Flags Great America, in Chicago, will be receiving Sky Striker, a giant pendulum attraction that will be added and is 17 stories high.

Our final two, and the ones you have been waiting for, are Six Flags Great Escape in New York, and Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey are getting the two best attractions in my opinion. Six Flags Great Escape will be getting “The Bobcat” which is a family wooden roller coaster coming to the park.

Unfortunately for Great Escape, the Alpine Bobsled is permanently closed due to this, and I would’ve kept the Bobsled and removed the boomerang instead, but I’m glad this park got something after so long. Finally, Six Flags Great Adventure, which is getting the best one in my opinion, is getting…….. A new hotel and roller coaster!

Since it’s the park’s 50th anniversary, it will have so much to celebrate! The Flash Vertical Velocity is the park’s second launch coaster, after Kingda Ka. This is also the first version of this ride, outside of China. It is a super boomerang ride.

Lastly, a hotel will be coming to the Wild Safari. It will be called Savannah Sunset Resort and Spa and is themed to camping. This means now every Six Flags park in the New York Metropolitan area will have a hotel, which are, Six Flags Great Escape, Six Flags Darrien Lake, and Six Flags Great Adventure!

Overall this is one of the best years for the company since the 2000’s and I’m very excited since Great Adventure is my favorite local theme park and probably yours as well. So continue riding coasters and I hope to see you at a Six Flags Park.

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Alek Lesniak
Alek Lesniak, Newspaper Staff Reporter
Alek Lesniak is 12 years old and is in 7th grade at Colonia Middle School. He likes to spend time with his friends and learn about retail business. He also enjoys watching baseball and football, and his favorite teams are the New York Yankees and New York Jets. Alek is very dedicated to education and is a published author.

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