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The Student News Site of Colonia Middle School

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The Ways of Lenape: A Native American Culture

Courtesy of Colonia Middle School
Courtesy of Colonia Middle School


On Monday, November 20, 2023, there was an assembly for the 6th grade class of Colonia Middle School on the “Way of the Lenape” to honor Native American Heritage Month.

Our presenter, Rob Aptaker, started by singing a native song for us. He brought artifacts and modern native American items that he had made to display for the students.

Mr. Aptaker began by introducing native clothing. He explained that they used animal skin like from black bears to make clothing. He explained that the person who hunted it got the honor they deserved.

Children do not wear bear skin but rabbit, beaver or deer skin which was hunted and made into leather.

Women had dresses made of deer fur.  They would also use a specific types of rock, shells, or even deer shoulders.                                                                                 

Courtesy of Colonia Middle School

String was also an important important material for their people. They used it to make things such as fishing nets. The Lenape people used a type of branch that they could turn into a string using a technical process.

The people of the tribe played games at night. One was similar to a game we play today like lacrosse. They also used a pillow-like item which became a modern-day football game with having a bit of soccer mixed in.

The Lenape people also took purple and white shells and cracked them to make necklaces, earrings, or bracelets.

They made an instrument out of a deer’s leg bone and toes. To drill holes, they made drill points, put them into a slotted stick and spun it.

The original American girl doll was actually made of corn husk.

The tribal families lived in wigwams made of tree bark and the inner section weaved for shelter. They also used a wooden frame for the bed.

Each year, they had a 10-day celebration to give thanks to neighboring tribes.

Mr. Aptaker gave us a lot of important information on the Lenape!

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Rafaella Sarmiento
Rafaella Sarmiento, Newspaper Staff Reporter
Rafaella Sarmiento is an outgoing 6th-grade student. She loves to play sports, play with her dog, and hang out with her friends. Her favorite movie is "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3". Her favorite song is "This is What Autumn Feels Like" and "Forever and Again" and she is the youngest out of 4. Some of her hobbies are drawing, playing soccer, and playing the snare drum. She is excited to spend the year writing for the Patriot Post.

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