Fun Facts About Five Planets!


Photo Courtesy of Pixabay

Salvatore Bivona, Newspaper Staff Reporter

Today, I present five fun facts about five planets.The planets that I will be covering are Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, and Saturn. Let’s get right into the ranking and fun facts!


1) A day on Venus is longer than a year

2) Venus is actually hotter than Mercury

3) Venus actually spins clockwise on its axis

4)  Venus’ air pressure is about the same as the pressure found at a depth of 1km in the Earth’s oceans

5) The yellow you see on Venus is actually the clouds that are extremely toxic


1) Mars is red from iron oxide 

2) It would take around 300 days to get from Earth to Mars

3) Mars is a very weird planet with temperatures rising from 20℃ in summer and -100℃ in the winter.

4) Mars has the largest mountain in the solar system, it is 3x bigger than Mount Everest

5) According to scientists, Mars used to house water before, and right now it is frozen in the ice caps in the north and south


1) On Mercury temperatures can reach from 427 °C, at night it can drop down to −173 °C

2) There is a meteor from Mercury that landed on Earth

3) Mercury is shrinking

4) Mercury has the most craters in the solar system

5) Only two spacecraft have been sent to study Mercury


1) Jupiter actually has rings, they are just really hard to see

2) Jupiter has 80 moons as of right now

3) A day on Jupiter is about 10 hours

4) A year on Jupiter lasts about as long as 11.8 Earth years

5) You can see Jupiter at night without a telescope


1) Saturn would float in water because it is mostly made of gas

2) Winds around the equator can be 1,800 kilometers per hour, that’s 1,118 miles per hour

3) A day on Saturn is 10 hours and 14 minutes

4) Saturn’s rings are made of space, dust, and meteors

5) You can’t stand on Saturn, it is fully made of gasses

So, in conclusion these were five fun facts about my favorite planets. Now that I have said mine, what are yours?