The Frederick Douglass Tunnel Project


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Pavan Ganesh, Newspaper Staff Reporter

President Joe Biden started rebuilding a 150 year old tunnel. This tunnel will be constructed between Washington DC to New Jersey and it will cost 4 billion Dollars!

This project will create 30,000 jobs across the USA. It will be worked on throughout the next couple of years.

President Joe Biden traveled to Baltimore, Maryland to hold a speech and start the construction.

The B & P train tunnel to be used, was originally built during the Civil War. The tunnel wasn’t repaired and it got damaged. Many people including Joe Biden used to use this tunnel and knew it needed an upgrade.

Joe Biden said in his speech, “I have been through this tunnel 1,000 times and saw folks say how badly the tunnel needed an upgrade.”

Now trains can travel through the tunnel at 30mph, but after the upgrade, trains will be able to go at 110mph. The tunnel will also be electric and great for the environment.

The tunnel will be named after Fredrick Douglass.

Do you think the tunnel will work?