What the Ravens Are Doing with Lamar Jackson


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Shaan Mahajan, Newspaper Staff Reporter

Lamar Jackson’s contract is ending soon, and we don’t know what the Ravens are going to do with the dual-threat quarterback.

Here are some options for John Harbaugh and Baltimore.


This is what I think is going to happen. My prediction? 6 years, 160 million, fully guaranteed. 

Free agency

Some other teams that would fit Jackson are the Jets, Falcons, Saints, and Lions. I think wherever he goes he would get around the same contract. 

Resign and trade

I think the teams I said above are the teams he can go to. Here is what Baltimore could get for Lamar from each team.

  • Jets: Elijah Moore, 3 first round picks
  • Falcons: 3 first round picks, AJ Terrell
  • Saints: Michael Thomas, 2 first round picks, 2 second round picks
  • Lions: Jared Goff, Josh Reylonds, 2 first round picks

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!