CMS Drama Club Presents… Catch The Waves!


Photo courtesy of Caren Brock

Nora Andrews, Newspaper Staff Reporter

The CMS Drama Club exquisitely performed a new play last night, January 18, 2023.  It was full of excitement, twists and turns.

The Neo Venturens are forced to save their planet from darkness. They crash land on the unexplored planet Kapzastria.

Will they make it back to Mother Earth? Will they CATCH THE WAVES?

The cast of the play has some star actors such as; Angie Nunez, Ariel Genius, Ellie Szpond, Elysa Sales, Isabella Tapia, Savaya Benton, Sophia Gesumaria, Andrew McMullen, Nora Andrews, Leo Milller, Layla Dixon, Ava Mido, Alison Eileen, Arinna Olivo, Alyssa Findeis, Tania Shah, Jeremy Defreitas, Serenity Davila, and Brook Camp.

Stage crew consists of: Aastha Patel, Ethan Thongvichith and Samantha Heller.

There was no cost to view the show which was performed well by both cast and crew.

Congratulations to our amazing drama teachers, Ms. Otero and Mr. Don!