The Buffalo Blizzard

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Derek Mateo, Newspaper Staff Reporter

The Buffalo blizzard happens every year in Buffalo, New York. They get a ton of snow every year and it is nicknamed the “Buffalo Blizzard.”

It’s called the “Buffalo Blizzard” because there is so much snow you can’t see anything.

The Buffalo Blizzard kills many every single year. This year, the blizzard killed 39 people. The blizzard has grown over 100 inches during the winter season. After Christmas, 25 people died. 

When Buffalo Bills players were trying to get to the stadium, no one could pick them up because of the blizzard. Finally, their coach came and picked all of the players up.

The snow is so bad that they are using bulldozers to clean up the streets so cars can drive through.

One good thing is that people are doing good things for the animals. People that are seeing birds stuck in the snow are freeing them with hammers and getting them unstuck.