A Heart Disguised in Puzzle Pieces – Poetry @ CMS

Photo courtesy pof Public Domain Pictures

Jaliya Rodriguez, 8th Grade - CMS Poet

Glass can shatter to a million pieces

But so can a heart 

And so can a puzzle

A heart is exactly like a puzzle


So when the puzzle shatters what do you do with the pieces

You pick them up identifying the face of each piece as you go

But some pieces are missing

And some pieces are scattered

Now you have to find them 

You might lose hope in finding those pieces

So you put together what’s left 

And hope for the best


You can pretend it’s alright 

But your puzzle is still incomplete

Now, even more fragile than ever

Overtime, It’s left untouched

It starts to collect dust


That’s the end of the puzzle

That’s how it’s meant to be

The damage is done 

And your heart starts to fade