How Much Money Can YouTubers Make?

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Pavan Ganesh, Newspaper Staff Reporter

Have you ever seen YouTubers showing off brand new cars, houses, and more?

Popular YouTubers with millions of subscribers will usually have YouTube as their only job. Ads in YouTube videos are how YouTubers make money.

Once a channel reaches around 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours watched in one year, they can apply to YouTube’s Partner Program. There they can place ads and make money.

YouTube pays $3 – $5 dollars every 1,000 ad views, but they don’t pay for the amount of subscribers. YouTubers can also link and sell merchandise in the descriptions of their videos.

Popular YouTubers like Mr. Beast have made around 30 million dollars from YouTube! The most viewed video, “Baby Shark” has made 17 million dollars from one video!

A YouTuber does not get paid if a video is skipped. They get paid if someone clicks on the ad or they watch around 30 seconds of it.

Another way YouTubers can make money is from sponsors. Companies can give a YouTuber money if the YouTuber gives a quick mention about them.

So what are you waiting for, get on YouTube!