Why Colonia Middle Should Have a Soccer Team

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Addison Cioni, Newspaper Staff Reporter

CMS should have a soccer team so that everyone can be included in school sports.

Colonia Middle School offers basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, cross country, which is plenty of options however, people who enjoy soccer are not able to play a school sport. Teachers and staff members constantly encourage each student to be involved in a sport or club but how can people participate if there’s no team?

Multiple people have expressed their opinions and would love to support a soccer team. There is not much equipment required besides nets and soccer balls. This sport could be held in Spring so it doesn’t conflict with softball or baseball. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make a change for this years 8th grade but could make a change for the future. 

 Mr. Bagnato, a gym teacher here at CMS, stated, “I’d like to be able to coach a soccer team.” 

Colonia Middle School is full of talent and players eager to try out for the school team. Soccer shouldn’t be excluded just because it’s more of a European sport then American.

Our team could bring in district championships and provide a positive environment for players looking to try out in high school.