Siya Modi, Newspaper Staff Reporter

The American economic system has been in peril for the last 12 months. Inflation has struck in the country.

Have you been shopping and have noticed the prices going up? When you pay double the amount you get half of what you paid for does that happen to you? Think about it.This is one of the biggest problems to ever strike America as you’ve noticed salaries are not budging and taxes are also rising 3-5%. We know all this is happening but we don’t know why or how it started. 

It started in the beginning when Russia invaded Ukraine. As the war started, global trade with Russia ended and it affected other countries who can’t afford global resources so they raised prices on their resources. This also affected America who couldn’t produce their own resources forcing them to raise prices and taxes as explained by I believe this is partly true but I say this started when the American government started spending trillions of dollars they did not have which left the country in debt and we the people to pay it off.  

 How it affects our citizens is that they are suffering really badly and are angry about this decision to inflate the prices. It’s hard to buy everyday needs with decreasing salaries. At Least 81% of Americans believe that we may suffer another “Great Depression” which is a lot of people who have lost faith in the government.

I have interviewed some of the victims of inflation. The first one was a mother who has to pay for gas as if it were gold.  Her message to the government is, “ Produce you own gas and oil USA, stop relying on others.”

Another was Colonia Middle School vice-principal, Mr. Taber, “ I’m struggling with the gas prices so we must do something to end this. I have faith in America.”  Now that sounds like a real patriot.

A lot of people are worried about their expenses and when budgets and expenses are cut the whole economy gets messed up. 

 I believe that the best solution to this problem is to start saving money and budget wisely. We are all suffering from this situation so we should help each other and provide support financially or otherwise.