“Harry’s House” – A New Album by Harry Styles


Alexa Beck, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

On March 23, Harry Styles announced that he will be coming out with a new album called, “Harry’s House”. He posted about it on YouTube first, with a video of him inside this theater and then it announcing that “Harrys House” will be out May 20th.  So it’s availabe today!

Fans have gotten crazy over this announcement for a new album, since it is his newest thing out since his most recent album, “Fine Line,” which had came out in 2019.

Due to his pause/lack of music during the pandemic, many people think that this album will burn and crash and be an epic fail.

While other fans think that would be terrible, many others think that this will be the new go-to album of the Summer of 2022.

In an instagram post, the track list for this new album was announced: Music for a Sushi Restaurant, Late Night Talking, Grapejuice, As It Was (which was already out and is going viral), Daylight, Little Freak, Matilda, Cinema, Daydreaming, Keep Driving, Satellite, Boyfriends and Love of My Life.

Since then, he has posted about “One Night Only,”  a show that will be actually 2 nights long in NYC. 

As a fan, I am so excited for this album release and will definitely be buying the cd.