Wordle and its Growth of Popularity

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Gabriella Komorek, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

The newest trendy game, Wordle, has many adults and children of any age obsessed with the simplicity of the word game. 

Wordle is a fun and simple word game that can be found right when you search up ‘Wordle’ on Google Search. The game is played by typing in a five-letter word which you want to guess as, and then using the clues from the colored letters to get another guess. If the letters show green, they are correct letters in the right spot, if they show yellow, they are correct letters in the wrong spot, but if they show gray, they are wrong letters that should not be used again. So why is this basic word game gaining so much popularity? 

The game is very simple and easy to play. Being such a simplicit word game, it allows anyone and everyone to join along on the bandwagon and play! This helps Wordle grow its popularity, because according to the New York Times, who currently owns Wordle, over 300,000 people play it on a daily basis. 

Many Sources think that the appeal of Wordle is because of its feature to share and boast about how well one did in the day’s Wordle. The feature uses colorful box emojis to show the green, yellow, and gray boxes and users are allowed to copy and paste this onto almost anything. Many share it on Twitter as they can share with others how well they did. 

Josh Wardle, the creator of Wordle explains that this feature is an “automated way for players to brag about their success in a spoiler-free way.”

Also, having one word per day, allows fans of Wordle to connect and form a ‘community’ to discuss and complain about the word. The community can be easily formed on social media like TikTok, Twitter, and even Facebook! 

Josh Wardle even said himself, users feel accomplished after finishing a daily Wordle. This makes many news sources conclude the real reason Wordle is as trendy as it is – it makes people feel good about themselves!

“Even though I play it every day, I still feel a sense of accomplishment when I do it: it makes me feel smart, and people like that.”