Protest for Ukraine at the White House: A CMS Student’s Personal Experience

Video courtesy of Veronika Pankiv


Photo courtesy of Veronika Pankiv

Veronika Pankiv, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

On 02.28.22, a rally of Ukrainian-Americans gathered in front of the White House in Washington. The event lasted up to two hours. 

This rally was established to protest against Putin and the invasion against Ukraine. Today, 03.03.22, is the eighth day of fighting on the frontlines and protecting their land. 

People held up posters expressing their native land, protesting against the act, asking to shield the sky over Ukraine, and gratitude for the U.S. ‘s support. Huge blue-yellow flags were raised high, every person came together to pray, sing, and protest against Putin’s invasion of our homeland.

“For us it’s very difficult… I would never imagine talking to my mom on the phone and telling her to seek shelter immediately because there are Russian planes flying overhead and bombing the capital of Ukraine- a European country, a peaceful country.” Said Maryana Baydyuk, interviewed by The Washington Post

Petitions are being held to persuade NATO to shield the Ukrainian sky so they can be resistant from bombs. This petition has received over one million votes, which is more than their goal as of today.

Slava Ukraini! Heroyam Slava!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to their heroes! 

Story Note: *All this information is FIRST HANDED, I was taking part in this event*