Dress Code at CMS


Photo courtesy of Waldon Middle School

Jiya Parmar, Journalism Class Reporter

Throughout the pandemic, a lot has changed, especially schools and the way you learn. We started off with online classes and Zooms or Google Meets where you only had to put a nice shirt on and show the upper half of your body.

But now that we’re back in person, kids can dress up and express themselves the way they want to again. This comes with some rules though, and many people question it everyday.

On October 13th, 2021, an 8th grade journalism class interviewed Mrs.Lagunovich and Mr. Taber, the principals of Colonia Middle School.

“Dress codes are placed for a variety of reasons, when students dress appropriately they perform better, when they dress appropriately there’s less distraction in the classroom so kids are able to focus,” Mrs. Lagunovich said.

This statement is hard to agree but also hard to disagree on. It does make sense because some clothing can cause distraction, especially if there is something either conflicting or political.

“There is less chance of social conflict, if somebody’s wearing something that portrays some sort of image or something that’s illegal,” Mrs. Lagunovich said.

Now, there’s a lot of social conflict and it’s hard for kids, especially our age, to agree on social issues, such as politics or even tv shows, singers, rappers. 

Politics has been a big thing in the past year, including the Black Lives Matter movement. Others opinions might differ and can cause large conflict.

Although people may think it’s just for now but really dress codes can help you for your future.

“It prepares you for the workforce, there are many jobs that people have that they need to go to work in an uniform and has a dress code, so it prepares you for your future,” Mrs. Lagunovich said.

This may be right, especially if you’re working in a more formal environment such as a work office or as a lawyer.

Mrs. Lagunovich isn’t responsible for making the dress code. Dress codes are made to be enforced and to keep us focused yet still, some may not agree.

Hopefully students will now have a better understanding as to why the dress code is made the way it is and why it has to be enforced.