A Veteran’s Opinion

Veterans Day Banner by vastateparksstaff is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Veterans Day Banner” by vastateparksstaff is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Jeremy Mercado, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

Veterans see the world differently than regular people. They have different opinions about different subjects than the average person. These rare opinions can change the way we look at things.

Veterans day takes place on November eleventh every year marking the end of the Civil War which took place on the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918. November 11th is a day for all of America to celebrate the people who served our country.

Veterans Day is very important to everyone so they can thank our veterans for serving our country and protecting us.

“I think Veteran’s Day is very important… you recognize the soldiers that didn’t come back home,” Sam Mercado, former soldier for the Army, said.

Although Veteran’s Day is a very important holiday, it has also changed over the years. Veteran’s Day has slowly become a holiday where you post on Facebook or do nothing instead of sitting down and truly saying thank you to our veterans.

“I think it became very commercialized…we don’t recognize the soldiers that are here, properly. Right now Veterans Day is a text or a Facebook post or something on television that says, ‘Thank you for your service,’ but that is about it,” Mr. Mercado said.

Veterans also don’t get the help they need. Some veterans need more help than others and they are just not taken care of.

Some that come out of war or battle have problems that they can not fix by themselves, but most people won’t try to help. People that come out of battle are never the same. Most have severe trauma that is hard to fix, while others have night terrors or even some alarming thoughts and feelings. Although there are some establishments that help veterans specifically, there are not nearly enough.

“We are not taken care of medically…We are not taken care of physically. It’s just an ‘Ada boy’, pat on the back, thank you for our service, and have a nice day,”  Mr. Mercado said.

With this insight on certain problems which most of us will never experience, we could patch these holes in our country and help the ones in need.