National Poetry Month – A Window Into Reality


Sophia Montesinos, Student Poet

April is National Poetry Month

Thank you to our CMS students for their contributions!



Out in the world I see so many people suffering from Hate and Inequality 

But what I imagine is far more powerful, I see Love and Equality for all 


When I wake up in the morning and turn my head to the news, I see people scared and panicking  

In my mind I envision people confident and calm, having a breath of fresh air instead 


I feel anxious when I see people with hate boiling in their blood, and infuriated that people have to protest just to be heard and feel equal 


I also see people locking arms protesting for what is right 

I close my eyes and imagine people dancing together in the street one day celebrating equal rights for everyone 


Sometimes I feel like we are walking with clouds of rain and thunder above our heads 

But I know in my heart that the world can be peaceful like flowing water in a graceful pond


I fall asleep at night, and dream of change

And wake up in the morning, knowing I live in a wonderful world, where anything is possible if kindness rules your heart 


-Sophia Montesinos

CMS-6th Grade