The Problem of Asian Hate Crimes


`Ever since almost the beginning, racism has been a major problem in society. People are being judged just for their race. Racism is becoming more and more of a problem everyday and this problem needs to be addressed more. Asian-hate crime has gone up a ton over the past year.

In March, on any regular day, an innocent Chinese man was walking home minding his business when a complete stranger sneaks up behind the man and stabs a knife into his lower back. They couldn’t do anything to save him. A lot of the Asian community was terrified after hearing this tragedy but couldn’t say they were surprised.

Asian-Americans have been facing racism since the corona virus first happened. It is obvious that violence, death threats, and hurtful words have been aimed towards these people over something that doesn’t involve them.

3,800 Asian-Americans have been reported to experience hate related violations. That means 3,800 innocent lives were violated and their freedom was getting taken away. During the pandemic, 2020 and 2021 have been difficult for everyone but murdering and assaulting blameless people is not going to fix the problem. It is proven that Asians from all 50 states from March 2020 to February 28th 2021 have experienced some type of physical or verbal abuse.

An elderly Thai immigrant died after being physically pushed to the ground while going on his morning walk. A Filipino man’s face was slashed with a box cutter while just taking the subway in the city. A woman was slapped then set on fire by two people in New York, and finally, in San Francisco, a 75 year old woman was attacked. She attempted to attack back to try and defend herself but she still ended up getting hurt. The man that attacked her claims to be the victim even though the woman was just trying to defend herself. After the police came the only thing the woman was provided was a small ice pack to fix the wounds on the side of her face. All of these victims were yelling for their lives for someone to save them and no one was helping.

These are just examples of the many abuses Asian Americans have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic and there’s many more. They’ve been coughed on, called slurs, stepped on, and even going far enough as being denied service, all because of something they can’t control. It has gotten so bad to the point where multiple people can’t go out just to buy groceries without the fear of facing racism.

People have accused previous president, Donald Trump for part of the Asian hate crimes because of him referring to the virus as the “China virus” or “Kung flu” but after President Biden became president he banned those types of names in the federal government.

To stop these hate crimes people have been protesting on the streets to fight for the innocent Asian lives but to this day Asian lives are still suffering. An ethnicity is not a virus and together we can all try to put an end to this huge issue in society.