80’s Fashion Comeback

Did you know that clothes from the 80s are making a comeback? Well they are, and they are coming back big time. The 80s are known to have daring and very controversial fashion choices. Some people think that clothes from the 80s should’ve stayed in the 80s, but these teens right now are excited to inherit the bold colors and baggy jeans!

The teens in the 21st century are making sure they don’t forget any of the memorable things that people wore. They have to bring back the 80s correctly, so some of the things that they brought back are mom jeans, scrunchies, high waisted jeans, biker shorts, tennis skirts, turtle necks, and you can’t forget about neon colors. The 80s wouldn’t be the 80s without neon colors.

In the 80s, mom jeans were a tremendous part of teenagers’ fashion. Right now, mom jeans are selling out in multiple stores and are hard to find. If you’re a teen and don’t own a pair of mom jeans, you’re doing something wrong. Don’t even get me started on turtlenecks. Teens are wearing those with anything they can get their hands on.

Although big poofy hair isn’t really back in style yet, the jewelry is making a rebound. Teenagers are now even making the jewelry all by themselves. They love wearing the neon lightning earrings or the big chunky bracelets. Even some of the exotic necklaces are coming back.

Not only clothes and jewelry are here, also the shoes. Air Jordans are the new talk, and not just boys are wearing them, girls too! Can’t forget about the black Converse; teens are really loving those. But one of the main shockers is that Doc Martens are all the rage right now.

I bet most of these are blowing your mind but I asked some of the adults who were teens in

“clothing rack at augusta futurity” by dianagurley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

the 80s and they said they were most surprised about blazers coming back into the world of fashion. My mom used to wear them as a teenager and now my sister and I own a few ourselves. It’s crazy that we are now dressing as our parents used to.

The big question is, “How are teens all over the world knowing about these fashion trends coming back?” And I think the simple answer to that is Social Media. Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat, Facebook, etc… As long as one person does something as little as going through their parents old clothes, tries them on and records themselves to upload on a social media platform. Boom, the whole world knows about it in a couple of days.

I know it’s crazy to be dressing similar to how our parents dressed but it’s cool at the same time. I’m glad that the 80s was the decade we decided to bring back, because those teenagers had great style!