The Dream SMP

Recently, there’s been tons and tons of drama and new things happening in the Dream SMP; Jschlatt taking over, the whole festival shabang, and all the other events so in case you missed anything here’s the whole history of the SMP so far.

So first thing’s first : what exactly is the Dream SMP ? The Dream SMP is a “ roleplay “ series on youtube/twitch consisting of the Dream Team and all his other friends.

Before Tommy :
The Dream SMP was first created on April 25th, 2020 by Dream and GeorgeNotFound. Not long after, Callahan and Sapnap joined the server while the Community House was under construction. Alyssa and awesamdude joined as well, but at that point the Community House was finished along with the Farm on the Lake.

Dream makes his house under the Community House and other major landmarks are built, like the nether base, George’s tree farm, the MLG Water Tower, Pet House, and since Ponk joined, his lemon tree and chicken coop.
BBH ( BadBoyHalo ) joins the server and soon after his first fish, Mr.Squeegie was killed by Sapnap. And as if karma decides to punch him in the gut, George steals Sapnap’s horse and begins riding around.

Wanting him to get off, he starts swinging at George leading Sapnap to accidentally kill his horse Joffrey. This causes a problem which leads Sapnap to create The Courthouse and bring all of them to court with him. The case ends with George being sent a death penalty for stealing and causing Joffrey to die. That ends the last major part of “ Before Tommy “.
After Tommy :

Tommyinnit joins the SMP on July 4th, 2020 but he was admittedly temporarily banned by Dream for repeatedly killing George. Once Tommy is allowed back, he basically just causes chaos, he walks around claiming everything as his own, and partially blows up the Courthouse.

Eventually he starts building his house near one of Ponk’s lemon trees, which causes an argument over property. Eventually a fence was built to stop further argument.

After a while of no arguing Sapnap “accidentally” burns down most of Ponk’s second lemon tree. Ponk and Alyssa burn down Sapnap’s house in retaliation which leads to Sapnap and Tommy killing Ponk and Alyssa repeatedly.
Dream tries to stop the conflict but starts getting killed instead as well. While Tommy and Sapnap brag to Ponk and Alyssa about what they’d managed to do, Dream secretly steals Tommy’s prized music discs, “Mellohi” and “Cat”. Sapnap, Tommy, and Tubbo fight Dream many times, and are miraculously able to obtain the discs back.
Tommy then covered his screen and hid his discs, thinking that they were safe. This was the start of the very first war of the server, The Disc Saga.

The next day, Dream, still angry that he was defeated, dug out all of the land around Tommy’s base and was able to steal the discs back. Tommy and Tubbo begin to fight Dream after finding out that he was in possession of the discs.

After Tommy and Tubbo were killed many times, trade negotiations were made.
Tommy is successfully able to scam Dream and retrieve his discs.
However, it was revealed that they were fake discs, meaning that Dream still had the real ones.

The Socializing Club is built in order to peacefully solve rising conflicts between Fundy, Tubbo, and Purpled.
After Tubbo finished up his situation with the Socializing Club, he and Tommy planned to use a glitch which would allow them to essentially X-ray underground so that they could find Dream’s secret base.

Once they located the base, the two searched in Dream’s chests, but the discs were nowhere to be found. Furthermore, Tommy gave up and decided to make trade negotiations with Dream, in which he gave Dream his prized netherite chestplate in exchange for the discs.

However, once Tommy began finding resources to make an Ender Chest, Dream began chasing after Tommy.Frantically running away from Dream, Tommy successfully gets his two discs into an Ender Chest in the nick of time. This marked the end of the disc war for a while.

The War For L’Manberg’s Rights :

Wilbur Soot joins back into the server, and ends up starting a “ drug trade “, which is just different types of potions. He also builds the Camaravaand and makes it the base of operations with the help of Tommy. Sapnap and Purpled try to stop Wilbur and Tommy from dealing potions.

Fundy, Tubbo, Eret and Ponk also discover the Camarvan. This starts a small conflict in which almost everyone ended up helping Tommy and Wilbur in the end. Besides Purpled, who decided to murder everyone on the server after they betrayed him and Sapnap.

Wilbur, tired of how the Americans keep thwarting his plans, proposes revolution to Tommy and Tubbo, and the three conspire to create L’Manberg, an independent server within the Dream SMP. Wilbur, Tommy and Tubbo start establishing borders by building yellow and black concrete walls around their new country. L’Manberg gets visited by Dream, who says that as long as they are still a part of the Dream SMP server and are not independent, they’ll be fine, and that Tommy’s home can act as an embassy.

Dream and Sapnap execute Tommy and Tubbo in response to Wilbur and the rest of L’Manberg writing a Declaration of Independence, and not even seconds later, Dream declares war on L’Manberg, starting the Dream Team SMP vs. L’Manberg War. The Dream SMP side of the war comprises Dream, George, Sapnap and Punz.

Eret upgrades L’Manberg’s borders by building tall blackstone brick walls around the area housing the Camarvan. Some structures such as a small stone rocket ship and a hut are constructed within the walls.
Tommy, Tubbo, and Eret start preparing for war, with Tubbo collecting blaze rods to create potions.

Dream, George, and Sapnap burn the trees surrounding L’Manberg and then form giant cobblestone walls and TNT cannons around the walls. They fire a few warning shots within the walls, all while Eret observes it. Dream and Sapnap then burn down Tubbo’s old house and Dream gives his famous speech: “I wanna see white flags! White flags! Outside your base! By tomorrow! At Dawn! Or you are DEAD!”

Fundy and Eret trap Dream’s secret base by removing several layers of blocks below his floor, but Tommy ends up falling victim to it in a later stream.
Tommy and Tubbo are ambushed by Dream and all of Tubbo’s potions are destroyed.

Dream, Sapnap and Punz blow up the L’Manberg Embassy (Tommy’s base) and partially destroy the Cuck Shed. Dream gives a final warning for L’Manberg to surrender.
As the war begins, Tubbo gets repeatedly killed by George and Sapnap and Tommy is cornered in his Power Tower. The L’Manberg Embassy is blown up again and the Battle of the Two Towers takes place, with the L’Manbergians believing that they have come out on top as the Dream SMP team retreats.

Eret leads the L’Manbergians into the Final Control Room within L’Manberg’s walls, hidden in a mountain and apparently “filled with their last resort”.
Eret presses a button in the middle of the room, opening doors in the walls that releases the Dream SMP team onto the L’Manbergians, swiftly killing all of them.

Eret reveals his betrayal of L’Manberg with the famous line, “It was never meant to be.” The Dream SMP team plus Eret meet with the remaining L’Manbergians (Wilbur, Tommy, Tubbo and Fundy) outside of L’Manberg’s walls and Dream, once again, orders the L’Manberg side to surrender. Wilbur refuses, and Dream subsequently sets off a TNT trap that blows up a large portion of the land of L’Manberg, partially destroying the Camarvan.

The L’Manbergians take refuge inside Tommy’s obsidian bunker underneath the Camarvan and Wilbur finally makes the decision to surrender to Dream.
He tells Tommy not to do anything rash but during negotiations, Tommy ends up challenging Dream to a bow duel. If he wins, Dream must grant L’Manberg its independence; if he loses, Dream gets Mellohi, one of Tommy’s valuable music discs.

Tommy and Dream have the final one-shot bow duel on the wooden path outside of Punz’s walls, and Dream wins. Tommy, as a last resort, decides to give Dream both of his prized music discs, Cat and Mellohi, in order to secure independence for L’Manberg.

Wilbur writes up a new Declaration of Independence, witnessed by the Dream Team. And finally, due to his involvement in the war, Eret is officially crowned as King of the Dream SMP.