Ms. Skiba – Newspaper Club Advisor


Gurwin Singh, Newspaper Staff Reporter

Ms. Skiba, as one of the most beloved teachers at CMS, has been helping us through this tough year. From teaching us how to write and supporting us through tough times she truly has changed CMS.

Ms. Skiba has been teaching Language Arts at CMS for 12 years and Friday’s Friends for 11 years. She started Friday’s Friends in 2012 and it took off fast as one of the most popular electives here at CMS. She is an editor of the “CMS Patriot Post” and advisor for the school dances and class trips along with Mr. Bhambri.

She had one son whom she adores, and 4 grandchildren. She absolutely loves to garden, sew, and hang out with her puppies. 

She truly is a hidden gem in CMS and the newspaper club thanks her for being the amazing role model she is. She has changed and impacted our lives in so many ways. We love you Ms. Skiba!!