St. Peter’s Makes the Elite 8


Prisha Patel, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

On March 25, 2022 in Philadelphia, the Saint Peter’s University Peacocks men’s basketball team from Jersey City, New Jersey made it to the Elite 8 of the NCAA championship after winning the regional game. 

Saint Peter’s made history in the books by becoming the first number 15 seed to make it into the “Elite 8.” To celebrate this achievement, students from all fields of study painted their faces with peacock colors, wore peacock gear, and held small parades around campus.  It was the talk of the school!

“In all my classes, basketball is the only thing that anybody is talking about,” said junior, Jessica Palma in a interview. 

Everyone was filled with pure joy by this amazing win. No one ever expected a win like this. By making it to the elite 8 the Saint Peter men’s basketball team had made around $736,363 for the school.

“I was jumping with joy and was filled with happiness,” said Mishree Patel who is a Junior in the Nursing program. 

Saint Peters didn’t end up winning March Madness but being in the Elite 8 was the best win they had all season as well as their school’s history!