A Look Back with the CMS Class of 2022


Colonia Middle School 8th Grade, Class of 2022 has been through a lot these last few years including a world-wide pandemic and the hassle of having to attend school in person and online. Somehow the years have still had some special moments.  The Patriot Post reporters roamed through the halls of CMS and asked our very own Class of 2022 about some of their favorites.  

What were your favorite memories of this year?

Naliah: Olympic Games

Omar: PBSIS Walk A Thon

Cali: Playing on Softball Team

Reyna: Walk-a-thon Kickball game

Caleigh: Walk-a-Thon

Gabby: Soda Lab

Jess: Sports

Cami: The mid year event/Olympic games


 What was your favorite overall school event that you attended?

Cali & Omar G: Walk- A- Thon

Caleigh: Friday’s Friends Breakfast with Santa. More of the Five-Below part.

Cami: Walk-a-thon 


What was your favorite middle school year, class, or teacher/staff?

Gabby: Science, 8th grade

Reyna: Ms. Wilson and Mr. Azzarello  

Caleigh: Mr. Markos

Grace F: Mr Dziedzic

Anthony: Mrs Hutchins/ 6th grade

Cali: Ms. Skiba and Mr. Mac

Omar: Mr. Berenstein, Science, 8th grade

Cami: Ms. Saco, Ms. Milewski, Ms. Skiba, Ms. Ruggerio, Ms. Brock, Ms. Lagunovich  


What were your favorite middle school memories over all?

Caleigh and Reyna: 6th grade lunch table

Cali: Meeting new people

Christina: Spending time with friends, Assembly

Mariella: 7th grade last day of school

Cami: Walk-a-thon, Chorus concert in 6th grade 


 Do you think covid affected your learning? How?

Gabby: “Yes, I have no attention span”

Reyna: “NO!”

Caleigh: “Yes, because I couldn’t focus.”

Grace F: “Yes, Can’t pay attention at home.”

Cali: Yes, challenged to figure things out on her own

Omar: Didn’t learn in online school, didn’t understand teacher

Cami: “Yes, because for all subjects it was hard to learn and understand the material.”


What do you wish was different about this year?

Gabby: No online in January

Reyna: She wish she had Mr. Carbone for gym again.

Caleigh: She wishes she had Mr. Markos again.

Cali: Less Drama

Omar: No covid

Siya: Nothing

Cami: No covid


What are you looking forward to in high school?

Gabby: Meeting new people and being in school with her sister.

Reyna: Wear what she wants.

Caleigh: Being able to order lunch out.

Prisha: Activities

Cali: Sports

Omar: Graduation


Are you planning on joining any clubs or sports next year? What clubs?

Gabby: Girls tennis in the fall

Reyna: Bowling

Caleigh: Sideline Cheer

Cali: Softball and Cheer

Omar: Basketball

Christina: Volleyball

Cami: Interact club


What was your favorite thing you learned this year?

Gabby: Reading “Nothing Gold Can Stay”

Reyna: LoL Beans

Caleigh: Loved interacting with Friday’s Friends

Cali: Don’t trust everyone

Omar: Earth Sciences

Cami: The Roman Empire in Mr. Mac’s class


What event are you looking forward to at the end of the year?

Everyone is looking forward to the 8th grade dance and trip.