Danganronpa, But Not Quite.


Veronika Pankiv, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

Review article on the visual novel, Your Turn To Die- Death Game by Majority 

My review on the game and experience with it so far. In addition, there are other reviews from other people. 

Your Turn to Die is a game first released on the 28th of August,  2017. As a Japanese visual novel semi-horror video game, it is quite similar to the popular game and anime series, Danganronpa

Brief Review:

You play as the protagonist, Sara Chidouin, and are trapped into a game where you find other people with different professions and all ages. Starting off with 12 year old Gin, Mr.Policemen Keiji Shinogi, your best friend Joe Tazuna, young Kanna Kizuchi, baseball quarterback back Q-Taro Burgerberg, job hopper Sou Hiyori, musician Reko Yabusame, student Nao Egokoro, housekeeper Kai Satou, and professor Kazumi Mishima, you’re goal is to survive till the end while deciding who has to go while meeting new souls along the way.  

My Review and Experience So Far:

As a visual novel, this game is quite the find! With great characters with good developments to starting using your head to figure out riddles and paying attention to who says what, this is the most amazing and well thought out game you can play for free. You will get very attached to characters, while also setting up barriers against others. But you don’t want to get way too attached like I did- because it will be quite devastating when it’ll be their turn to die. There are 3 chapters (and more to be made). I started the second chapter with a heavy heart from losing favorite characters. This game is fascinating and so unexpecting that you will not even believe when a terribly quiet character lies and goes against everyone else! 

“When I first played I didn’t expect much from it, but I am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this game!” – google reviewer

“And now I’ve finally managed to dedicate some time and energy to it, I can safely say that I should have gotten to it much, much sooner.” – Lillia Helal from https://ricedigital.co.uk/why-your-turn-to-die-is-one-of-the-best-death-games/ 

“This game is probably the best game out of all my games that I have played.All of the characters are well written and the plot will keep you hooked!” – google reviewer