Amazon’s Cinderella: Did the Shoe Fit?


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia

Victoria Bartusik, Newspaper Staff Reporter

The newest Amazon “Cinderella” has been getting bashed by critics. Is the movie really as good as all of the advertisements say?  Many opinions have been Circulating about Camilla Cabello and Billy Porter’s acting and many other issues.

On the upper hand, the new cast is diverse with many people of different races and backgrounds, with the first Latina Cinderella (Camilla Cabello) and an LGBTQIA+ Fairy Godmother (Billy Porter). The wardrobe choices for many of the characters were eye-catching and had noticeable features, with lots of color and sparkle.

Camila Cabello’s input on the movie as quoted by, “I think that it was about just letting go of my ego, as much as I can, and just trying to have fun with it. Obviously, there were times when I felt nervous and I felt the pressure, but at the end of the day, it’s something that I chose to do because I believe in it… I’m here for a reason, so I’m just gonna believe in that and have a good time.” 

On the other hand, many people have made comments such as “The rags-to-riches story is reimagined through faddish politics, going against the idealistic values formerly associated with the ‘Cinderella’ tale.” ( and saying that it was a cheap rip off of Disney’s ‘Cruella’.

Many are saying that yes, the cast was diverse, but the LGBTQ role of the fairy godmother was very heavily stereotype based and over- acted. The music was so bad, that thousands of people on TikTok are saying that “Aretha Franklin is rolling in her grave at the sound of the movie’s ‘off key’ rendition of her song, River Nation.

To top off all of the hate that this movie has gotten, it is not as mystical as the original movie, and most other remakes have been.

“I was a Cinderella fan. I collected all of the dolls and loved the movies. She (Camilla Cabello) was the worst Cinderella I’ve ever seen,” Mrs. Brock, paraprofessional at Colonia Middle School, said,

Do we really need another Cinderella movie?