Softball and Baseball Tryouts at CMS


Photo courtesy of J. Bernstein

Riley Timinski, Journalism Class Reporter

Softball and baseball tryouts are very competitive at CMS. On October 6, coaches Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Azzarello, Ms. McDermid, and Mrs. Glussky spoke with the B-day journalism class about this topic.

When trying out for the softball team, Coach Glussky stated that “coachability and hustle” are most important. Without these traits, you will not fit their rubric at tryouts, which is used to decide who makes the team.

Some possible reasons for being cut are poor grades, receiving ACS, a history of detention, or simply that they didn’t feel you would fit. They are looking for someone who is willing to play multiple positions, so if you are set on one position, you will most likely get cut.

“It is easier to take more well rounded players,” Coach Azzarello said.

If you are unaware as to why you were cut, both sets of coaches offer time to discuss what you personally need to improve on. They encourage 7th graders to try out next season and 8th graders to try out in high school.

Only 7th and 8th graders are eligible to be on baseball and softball teams, and it may seem that they are treated differently, but the coaches assured us otherwise.

“7th graders have equal opportunities,” Coach McLaughlin stated.

Photo courtesy of J.Bernstein

The coaches always make decisions in the best interest of the team, and it has truly worked! Both teams had a phenomenal season and won the district championships!