Mask Troubles and Hallway Commotions as CMS Returns to Full-time Classes

Kellie Hastrup, Journalism Class Reporter & Staff Editor

Students haven’t been in school for 18 months and some have forgotten how in person school works. Ms. Skiba’s A-day journalism class sat down with the principal, Mrs. Lagunovich, and the vice principal, Mr. Taber to discuss some of the burning questions everybody has now that we’re back in school with Covid-19 still here.

Starting off with masks, there is a problem with many kids and breathing with masks on which Mrs. Lagunovich understands.

“I think it’s hard to wear masks all day.” Mrs Lagunovich said.

 There is a possible solution, as long as you’re by a window or outside, mask breaks could be seen in the future. Mrs. Lagunovich and Mr. Taber hope to see the masks coming off soon. 

The hallways in the school are also crowded in between blocks. The school even had to open the back hallway and staircase just so that it’s easy to move around, however that change does not really affect the other hallways. Many kids are bumping into each other and walking in the middle, causing some traffic.  Due to this situation, kids that need to get to the other side of the hallway are having difficulty.

“The hallways are very crowded and as much as we tell kids, ‘You’re not touching each other, you’re not hugging each other,’ They’re still doing it,” Mrs. Lagunovich said. “I don’t know how to get it through to people that we need to have our own little space.”

Mrs. Lagunovich and Mr. Taber are working hard to eliminate the troubles that are going on and hope to see a brighter future for CMS.