Fashion and Beauty Trends Throughout the Pandemic

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Jiya Parmar, Journalism Class Reporter

 During the pandemic we progressively changed our style from bold eyeliner to no makeup- makeup looks.

“Like most things, beauty has been in a weird place these past months. In the early days of the pandemic, our homes became our office, day care, and beauty salon,” Bella Cacciatore from Glamour magazine says.

Bold eyeliner had only gotten bolder since the pandemic, speaking of eyeliner, Ariana Grande’s new makeup line has kohl eyeliner.

“And also REM, rapid eye movement, focusing on dreams and on the eyes and eyes being our most effective communicators,” Ariana Yaptangco from Glamour Magazine quotes.

80/90’s fashion has made its way back into 2020-2021 and everyone loves it. Baggy jeans, bell bottoms, oversized sweaters and more.

We also brought back wolf cuts yet this time, we’re doing it at home and people are looking better than ever!

The no makeup-makeup look is trending right now and girls, especially teenage girls, are looking the prettiest.

“Skinimalism” is all about embracing your natural skin and super-minimal makeup. It makes sense, since many of us are wearing less makeup and spending more time on skin care than ever before.

“To achieve the no makeup- makeup look, you’d need mascara, concealer, and the tiniest amount of lip gloss,” Bella Cacciatore from glamour magazine says.

It’s perfect for an everyday look and girls today don’t have to worry about breaking out or having to look perfect, because that’s what the perfect minimalistic makeup looks like.

The pandemic was a horrible thing to happen to us yet it gave us the chance to change ourselves and find the way we want to express ourselves!