Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Newly Sparked Relationship


photo courtesy of Wkimedia Commons

Michaela Murphy, Journalism Class Reporter

SNL star Pete Davidson and socialite Kim Kardashian’s rumored romance is one of the least anticipated relationships of 2021.

After Kardashian’s recent divorce with rapper Kanye West, she has been spotted multiple times with Davidson, including at Staten Island restaurant, Campania.

Earlier this year, Davidson shared with Jimmy Fallon that he offered to pay for his best friend Kid Cudi’s birthday dinner, but after Kanye West started to order more than anticipated, Davidson was not thrilled.

It has been joked that Davidson’s suspected relationship with Kim Kardashian is payback for Kanye costing Davidson more than expected for Kid Cudi’s dinner.

Jenna Bush Hager, President Bush’s daughter, said, “She’s in New York, they’re (Pete Davidson and Kim Kardasian) going to dinner. Something has to be going on.”

Their relationship allegedly started when they both starred and shared a kiss in an SNL skit together, with Pete acting as Aladdin and Kim as Jasmine from the 1992 Disney movie.

“Kardashian has received a lot of encouragement to pursue the connection from the intimate circle around her,” said a secret insiderer, confessing to

However, it is not only Kim that needs to be pushed to get into a relationship. Davidson recently called it quits with Netflix star Phoebe Dynevor.

Only time will tell if the budding romance will bloom into something more