Astroworld Tragedy


courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Laila Ribeiro, Journalism Class Reporter

On Friday, November 5th, a crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival in Houston, Texas killed 9 people and left many injured.

The incident occurred when Travis Scott was singing. Fans were being crushed, trampled, and stomped on as waves of people were moving towards Scott.

The crowd consisted of 50,000 people that were packed so tightly many complained it was hard to breathe. Many fans passed out.

“They passed out. And they were on the ground and basically getting trampled. And no one would pick them up,” concertgoer Billy Nasser told CNN. “There was just too many people there. It was overcrowded. The way the barricade were set up had people trapped in. It was a death trap.”

A 9-year-old boy was severely hurt and was in a medically induced coma.

Huston authorities have said that the criminal investigation of the deadly crowd surge could take weeks. Many lawsuits were filed against Scott.

Fans were chanting “Stop the show” which took Scott 15 to 20 minutes to eventually stop. “Who asked you to stop? Y’all know what y’all came to do – chase me, let’s go,” Travis Scott said as reported by

Many conspiracy theories have been going around, especially on TikTok. People were saying he was performing a demonic ritual.

A video from TikTok with more than 23 million views, shows a hologram of a winged creature at the start of the show, surrounded by towers of flames. 

“Look at the symbolism!! A DOVE, a symbol of the human soul, ON FIRE?!?! They knew what they was doing. This is pure evil,” one of the top comments read as stated by

Many fans witnessed lifeless bodies getting trampled on. The people who survived had to help each other stay up.

This was for sure a very traumatizing event for many concertgoers.