June Poetry @ CMS – “Hidden Yellow”


Beyonce Landa, 8th Grade - Student Poet

Hidden Yellow

It comes again,

Welcoming it with open arms.

Unlike the resentment I help in the past.


I lay my wings of feathers and silk upon the oh so fragile glass,

Of which I had made with my own two hands.


Now worn and cracked,

She, whom I share my home with,

Now slashed and smashed my precious piece of glass.


Her golden locks and enchanted ivory eyes,

Had tricked even the most pure of minds.

You had severed my silk in two,

And yet you made me feel as if it wee not you.

The games you played were hidden from me all along,

All to make me feel as if I belonged.


Now broken, beaten, bleeding and defeated.

I rest my arms all bare,

And I can finally say,

And all I can finally say,

I trust no one that cares.