Reflections on the 2020-2021 CMS School Year

Do you think learning can still happen during the pandemic, whether you are in online or hybrid learning? If you’re a student at Colonia Middle School, you can say yes, it does, because “This Is Where The Learning Happens”. The school year 2020-2021 has been a great challenge for not only the students, but the parents, teachers, and faculty as well.

First, starting from March, 2020, students much like myself have been challenged to learn their yearly subjects, without the extra help of teachers face-to-face. Whether it took place on Zoom, Google Meet, or any other online chatting platform, learning from a digital screen was not the same as participating in a live classroom. On the other hand, I felt that students and teachers managed their time more wisely, were more flexible, and more understanding overall. Lastly, in my opinion, one main advantage about online learning is that it is very convenient and you have the ability to learn at your own pace.

I had the opportunity to experience what it is like to learn from a distance and to learn in a physical classroom. My first day of hybrid learning was very unique. I got to be in an actual classroom with my teachers and fellow peers. This helped me tremendously as most of the time I didn’t even have to raise my hand if I was confused. My teacher would just recognize it from my face and go over it without me saying a word. One last example for in-school learning, from my point of view, is a lot easier to communicate and follow. At home, you can face many issues with your device such as no internet access, bad Wi-Fi, audio lagging, whereas in person, you do not come across any of these interferences.

In conclusion, hybrid and virtual learning both have their pros and cons, which leaves the discussion still open for many people. Do you really think learning can still happen, whether you are learning online or hybrid learning? My answer is yes, it can. It actually broadens your mind and refines your thinking skills further to prepare you for the next step.