Summer Fun for 2021

There was always a lot to do for fun in the summer, but now with the Covid-19 pandemic ending and people unaware of what we can and can’t do, there’s confusion on what there is to do for fun. Here are 15 fun activities to do this summer. You could always go to amusement parks, they are fun and exciting.

You can always go to the beach, you’re not always around people and you can have fun in the sun. Hiking isn’t always for everyone but it is something fun to do since you can find so many cool sightings, along with that you can go to lakes and go fishing which is fun even if you don’t catch anything. If you are a fan of 80’s movies you may be familiar with the movie,“The Sandlot” so grab your friends and baseball gloves and start a game sandlot style and have fun.

You could also always take a nice walk by the ocean and go to a boardwalk and get ice cream with your friends, on a sunny day the boardwalk is fun. On a cool summer night a campfire with your family is one of the best ways to go. At night you can go catch fireflies in a jar and release them and see them fly in the sky at the end of the night. A fun thing on a clear sky or mostly clear with a few clouds day/night is always watching the beautiful sunsets. Even if you just have a computer, you can turn it into a good time and watch movies at night in your backyard with siblings and or friends and family.

Scary stories are fun by a campfire if you aren’t too squeamish. Other sports to play if you aren’t too fond of baseball are basketball and playing catch with a football. A small party is fun even if it’s a small backyard luau. To top off this list of fun things you can do is going to a waterpark and having a good time. Also remember to wear sunblock! Sunburn is NOT fun! Also try to stay off your phones and live while you can. (This is coming from a fellow student and teenager). Phones are addicting and tik toks are fun but try actual interaction with real humans or try reading if you like new things. Remember to stay safe and have a great time!