Cicadas are Back in the Summer of 2021

Cicadas, one of the grossest bugs known to mankind, have decided to make a comeback for the year 2021. These bugs for most of their life stay underground and only come out for a few weeks around every 17 years, except they’ve decided to come out earlier this year and scientists believe they know why. Tens of trillions of these creatures will swarm the eastern U.S in just a matter of a couple weeks. They will swarm all over the eastern U.S for the whole entire summer.

Scientists believe that the cicadas have matured and have reached adulthood early which would explain why they have decided to come out earlier and would explain why this will be one of the biggest waves of cicadas in hundreds of years. Cicadas are one of the most disturbing bugs on the planet, they have big red eyes, long yellow wings, black colored body, and big long legs. These bugs can also get up to 2 inches big, which for a bug is very big. “ If this tiny cicada can create such a huge noise with its tymbals, what’s your excuse not to trust your own abilities?” said Manu Kahil, who is a top engineer at Veoneer. Cicadas also are known to make a loud ticking noise which can be heard from hundreds of yards away.

These noises are made by male, trying to find a female to mate with to create babies. After mating with a male, the female cicada on average can lay around 200 to 400 eggs. “ Nothing in the cicada’s voice imitates how soon it will die.” J.D. Slinger is known for many famous published books.Once these eggs hatch the cicadas only live for 4-6 weeks. The lifespan is the same as if the eggs were laid underground, they just lay the eggs above ground once in a while so the population can sustain its growth.

But the real question is, how do cicadas know when to go above the ground? Well they are able to tell when the soil meets a certain temperature. Scientists believe the ground needs to reach at least 64 degrees fahrenheit, the weather conditions need to be right, and they are able to determine the 17 years they stay underground by the bark they ate off of trees when they were out. But the reason they are coming out earlier than usual is because of the age they are. Since all of these things are aligning that is what is causing them to arrive earlier than usual. But the question remains, how bad will this season really be?

Scientists believe that there will be tens of trillions of cicadas in the vicinity of 13 states. That means New Jersey, which is one of the states, will be targeted with hundreds of billions and maybe even up to a trillion of these bugs. This invasion of cicadas will be known as the “Blood X”. The reason it is known this is because it will be one of the worst cicada invasions to ever happen. There isn’t anything we can do to stop this but there can be ways that we can stop them from ruining our summer.

While Cicadas aren’t dangerous to humans, they are a pest. A few ways we can help them avoiding us during our summer could be to spray water on nearby trees which would help them to stop feeding around your house, plant plants after cicada season which will cause them to not lay eggs near you and to not feed on your plants, using nets on plants so they can’t feed on plants, and using essential oils on your plants so they can’t eat on them. The reason you want to stop them from going near your plants is because they will start to swarm in large groups and will lay eggs which will cause the baby cicadas to live around your house. You can also use essential oils on your body as body wash which will help them avoid coming near you.

In conclusion, please be prepared for this cicada season and expect to see them wherever you go because this cicada season will be one of the worst seasons known to man. Please be safe and have a great summer!