National Poetry Month – Dress of Roses



Red roses are displayed in a flower shop ahead of Valentine’s Day in Paris, France, February 12, 2021. REUTERS/Sarah Meyssonnier NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES

Beyonce Landa, Student Poet


April is National Poetry Month

Thank you to our CMS students for their entries!


Dress of Roses

Darkness I plead,

Freedom unseen.

A mask I hold,

We masquerade.

Push and pull they pry,

No might is left or so I try.

A garden grew from what was lent,

Ivy thorns imprison any mind.



Grasp, hold on.

The final blow,

I foresee my divine demise.

My dress of roses from which I dyed,

Is now seen by all eyes.

By: Beyonce Landa, CMS – Grade 8