Ice Cream Factory in Singapore

Do you love Ice cream? If you do then this is happy news for you. There is an Ice cream museum in New York all about Ice cream. It’s a big hit. Since it’s a big hit, another one is opening in Singapore. It’s opening in August. But you can reserve tickets now for September.

Even though it’s in Singapore and you most likely won’t be going there just for the ice cream museum, it’s still good news because if the museum in Singapore becomes a hit like the one in New York, more and more will be built, maybe one near you!

The Museum of Ice Cream in New York was just a pop up at first. With nearly 200,000 people waitlisted, the company just knew it had to be more than a pop up. So then the Museum of Ice Cream was built. The beautiful 3 story building with a sprinkles pool has become one of the many reasons people travel to NYC. There are 13 multi-sensory installations. The tour of the whole place is about an hour and a half but you are welcome to stay longer and enjoy yourself. The museum is also known for being a top ten instagram spot. “A visit to the Museum of Ice Cream is an experience more delicious than a banana split and a sundae.” Says USA TODAY.

After 3 years of developing the first Ice cream museum outside of the U.S, it’s finally ready for guests. “It serves as a crossroad of East meets West,where Americana meets Singaporean nostalgia with a twist…or a swirl.” Said co-founder Manish Vora.

This new museum coming out has the same concept as the one in New York, but many things will be different. There will be 14 new never before seen installations all about Ice Cream. A fully functional dragon playground inspired by Singapore is something you will also see at the new one.
There will be more things and installations in this new one than the one that opened in 2016. This must mean the museum in general will be bigger. It’s also been said that this new one will have the largest sprinkle pool ever created. When you visit the museum, throughout your stay you will get to enjoy 5 new unique ice cream treats that you have probably never tasted.

Between the two, both will be equally successful. People who love Ice cream and Instagram pictures will be thrilled to know that more of these types of museums are opening. Tourists haven’t had much luck with finding new places to see because of the virus, so this place will hopefully give them something to visit.